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Love Letters To Kellie

I Disapprove Of The Marriage… You’re happily married with two kids… but you can’t quit thinking about your young love. What should you do?...Read More

Love Letters To Kellie

Someone has been having an affair with their husband’s best friend for 5 years… Should they confess to it? And what should you do...Read More

Jenna Pranks “The One”

Jenna’s potential boyfriend, The One, asked her to send some sexy pics. She obliged… but it’s tortuous waiting for the pay off! Find out...Read More

Love Letters To Kellie

Being A Picky Eater Ruined My Relationship Kellie doles out the love advice for someone that wonders, should I dump my mean boyfriend? Also,...Read More

That’s Just What I Like

What is Jenna really into right now? She’s really digging the new Pickle Juice Slushie from Sonic and Horizontal Lazy Glasses Plus, get the RoboKiller app that plays games with...Read More